Living Quarters Sofas are of the highest quality from New Zealand and European manufacturers. Our New Zealand made lounge suites are completely customisable using beautiful quality fabrics from our extensive in-house range.

Clarissa Sofas - Saporini

Clarissa Corner – Saporini

Oslo Sofa

Oslo – Saporini

Cloud Sofas

Cloud Corner – Saporini

Flick Flack Sofa

Flick Flack – Ditre Italia

Newport Sofas - Kovacs

Newport – Kovacs

Sienna Sofas - Kovacs

Sienna – Kovacs

Tangier Corner Sofa - Kovacs

Tangier Corner – Kovacs

Ranfurly - Kovacs

Ranfurly – Kovacs

Jigsaw - Kovacs

Jigsaw – Kovacs

Lynx - Kovacs

Lynx – Kovacs

Max - Kovacs

Max – Kovacs

Hudson Sofas - Kovacs

Hudson – Kovacs

Metro - Calligaris

Metro – Calligaris

Vegas - Calligaris

Vegas – Calligaris

Vegas with Chaise - Calligaris

Vegas with Chaise – Calligaris

Jusr Sofa

Just Modular – Calligaris

Danny - Calligaris

Danny – Calligaris

Cohen Sofa - Forma

Cohen – Forma

Sinua Sofa

Sinua Corner – Bonaldo

Peanut Sofa

Peanut – Bonaldo

Structure Sofas

Structure Corner – Bonaldo

Structure Sofa

Structure – Bonaldo

Slab Sofa

Slab Plus – Bonaldo

Skid Sofas

Skid Corner – Bonaldo

Lovey Sofa

Lovey – Bonaldo

Copenhagen Sofa

Copenhagen – Alf Da Fre

Ladique Sofas

Ladique – Alfe Da Fre

Parma Pelle Tessuto Sofa

Parma Pelle Tessuto Sofa – Saporini

Parma Sofa

Parma – Soporini

Ivana Sofas

Ivana – Saporini

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