Furniture Care

Furniture Care

Our Free Furniture Care Advice Service

Living Quarters appreciates that when you buy one of our furniture pieces, you expect to get many years of satisfactory enjoyment out of your purchase. We are pleased to sell only the finest quality furniture that has a built in longevity through craftsmanship and use of quality materials.

However we also offer a free advisory service on caring for your purchase. Our team of furniture professionals have received training in furniture care provided by our suppliers and inhouse training programmes. So please feel free to ask any questions you may have on your furniture care.

Our suppliers also have useful information on their websites, such as the Kovacs site mentioned in our Tips for furniture care article.

Your Furniture Fabric Care Guide

Our good friends at Kovacs have produced a furniture fabric care guide which is really useful. We have summarised it for you and added a link to their website if you need more info. The good news is that caring for your valuable furniture fabric is not a difficult time consuming task. They suggest five furniture fabric tips to ensure your investment looks as good in the years to come as it did the day you bought it.

1) Cleaning – little and often.

Vacuum with a clean brush at least once a week to remove dust and dirt particles, and improve dust removal by pre brushing with a clean soft brush.

2) Dress up maintenance.

Pick up and pound your cushions regularly to ensure there are no folds in the fabric, which can result in premature wear. Switch seat cushions to prevent soiling to one side only and unbalanced wear.

3) Wear and Tear Prevention

Avoid sitting on the arms, back tops or on the front edges of the cushion. Discourage children from jumping up and down on cushions. Watch out for damage by sharp objects like cat’s claws.

4) UV Sunlight protection

Position your furniture away from the sun’s UV rays or close the blinds or curtains if needed. UV filter screen on your windows is recommended. Or use temporary furniture coverings like throws.

5) Follow the Care instructions.

The care label attached to the bottom of the furniture gives you a clear idea of the specific cleaning instructions for your furniture.
For more info on Kovacs furniture and the care guide see here.

Preparing Leather Furniture for Winter

Your leather furniture is designed to be luxurious and comfortable. It smells great too! However once winter comes some find their leather furniture too cold to enjoy. Your body warmth will soon warm the leather beneath you – but some of us can’t even bear that!

There are a few simple solutions to this little problem:

Throw coverings. These fabric blankets can enhance the look of your leather furniture in winter with their bright warm fabric designs. They are ideal to wrap around you on those cold nights and enable you to enjoy your leather furniture’s comfort. Once you have finished reclining you can just drape the throw over the back of your furniture. Talk to Living Quarters about the right type of throw for your leather furniture as not all fabrics are leather friendly.

Cushions. These add comfort and warmth to your leather furniture. Like the throw they can also add colour and vibrancy to your chair or sofa. Living Quarters has a great collection of warm colourful cushions

Heating. A fire or heater is necessary for comfort in winter but just be aware that leather, although hard wearing, is also quite sensitive to heat. Keep the fire a safe distance from your leather furniture to avoid damage. An electric blanket or a simple hot water bottle, well sealed and with medium hot water that is lower-than-boiling, can also provide warmth to your leather furniture.

Cats. A purring cat next to you on your leather furniture is a great comfort in winter, especially if it is trained to respect your furniture. Hopefully your cat will have warmed the leather for you and will be willing to move over! Leather is easier to clean from animal hair and fur.

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